Cormorants, by Jonas Zdanys

cormorants-cover-mockup-image Cormorants was printed in an edition of one hundred and twenty-five using Bembo and Cloister Light types. Thirty-five copies are printed on handmade cotton rag paper. Five of those are bound in boards as a special edition for the author. The remaining thirty are bound in paper handmade from cotton rag with silk inclusions. Ten copies of this edition have handmade kozo paper image overlays; the remaining copies use a commercial kozo paper. Ninety copies are printed on Cougar 80lb text paper and bound in the same handmade cotton rag paper. The first twenty copies have a kozo paper image overlay. All paper-making, printing, and binding was done at the Boston Paper Collective in Charlestown, MA. Many thanks to everyone who has made this book possible.
" a beautifully written, incantatory and meditative evocation of life, both of the human and natural worlds, and of light, darkness, time, infinity and transcendence. It is seamlessly unified, and "hymnal" in the spareness and musicality of its language. A masterful work, indeed. The beauty of the writing is perfectly complemented by the excellence and sensitivity of Regina Schroeder's vision and handiwork."

-Larry D. Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate

review of Cormorants by Michael W. Higgins
cormorants cover for a pdf of the colophon... Cormorants: handmade paper special edition $50, "trade" edition $20 [plus $5.00 shipping and handling]
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